38824 Bayberry Court (formerly 602) Quillen's Point Subdivision, Ocean View, Delaware 19970





We ask you to leave the house as clean as you found it.


Hot Tub strap code 00 ⦁ Set Hot Tub @7, put top on, cover with slip cover. There are 2 lines to keep cover on during high winds. Please secure carefully. ⦁ Set exhaust fan thermostat in stair at the black line. ⦁ Secure the line over tub and cover. ⦁ Secure cover over grill and turn off gas at tank. ⦁ Close and lock sliding door.

Top Floor

Unplug all counter top appliances and turn off range. ⦁ Turn off icemaker in freezer (raise arm above ice bucket). ⦁ Place trash in plastic bags and place in garbage cans at street container. ⦁ Close all windows tight ⦁ Close door at very top of the stairs to the upper decks and  close screen doors outside of the sliding glass doors ⦁ Turn off all lights, paddle fans and air conditioners.

Middle Floors

Leave room doors closed. ⦁ Turn off all lights, paddle fans ⦁ Close all windows tight

Ground Floor

Leave room doors closed. ⦁ Turn off all lights, paddle fans ⦁ Close all windows tight to insure ground floor security. ⦁ Lock carport storage doors.

Hot Tub (When available)

Watch out for rain Please close all windows & roof deck sliding door when leaving the house even for a few hours and with threat of rain when going to bed. With no roof overhangs the rain pours in! The rooftop sliding door and windows are especially vulnerable because they're so high. Roof Deck Please DO NOT leave children unattended on the Roof deck. It is four stories above the grade! Keep screen door lock on at all times with children in the house. Parking All cars must be parked on the property. Any cars parked on the street will be towed at vehicles owner’s expense. Gas Grill. Use normal precautions. Wind can be a problem. Turn off tank knob after using as well. Hot Tub. NOTE INSTRUCTIONS ON WALL AT TOP OF STAIRS. When house is unoccupied, the temp is left at about 7, which is about 98°. Upon arrival, turn temp up or down and check pH and chlorine. The test strips are in the bucket near the top deck door behind the chairs. If pH is not in balance, adjust as needed with appropriate chemicals a tablespoon at a time per the instructions (pH a little high is best). If low on chlorine add about a 3 Tablespoons of powdered chlorine located at stair. It will take a couple of hours to raise the temp. The jets cycle automatically to heat water – which means they will run until the temp is obtained. With the lid on, the jets turn off soon. If lid is off, the jets can be started by turning the jet dial - they cycle off after 10 minutes. Please read instructions and be careful of the wind when taking cover and top off. Enjoy under the sun or au natural under the stars. The air (bubbly) control is knob on tub edge. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS POSTED IN STAIRWAY. When you arrive, you may find that the tub is not running and that the temperature has dropped below 90°. This happens occasionally because of power interruptions and the reset button on the cord at the electric outlet needs to be reset. Once this button is pushed in, the tub will begin to operate and will continue to run until the temperature reaches about 85° again. Temperature rises at about 2 degrees per hour so it can take a few hours to reach 98 and once it does, the pump turns off until you push the "jets" dial. Please keep lid and cover on when not in use for both wind and rain protection.


Community Dock Key and Tennis Court key are hanging in Foyer behind the front door when it is open. Tennis court is located behind the dog walk area near the mail boxes. It is surrounded by evergreen trees…


Terry Walters 703-505-6358

Steven Walters 571-235-7149

For fire, ambulance and police call 911.

Emergency Repairs call: Charlie Walters 703-731-4767

Appliances and AC units Delmar Appliance’s 302-227-7602

HVAC (Heat or A/C) issues call Artic Air 302-629-7911


Dog Walks

The big empty lot next to the mail boxes near the house is a community recreational area that you can walk and play with your dog. You must clean up after your animal. ⦁ The James Farm Park near our house has woods AND a nice beach on the bay. The dogs love it. But keep them out of the tall grass because of deer ticks…

We walk the dogs along the ocean too but the state requires a fee and leash’s until October 31. If we go to the ocean to walk the dogs, we enter at 3R’s beach (first on the right as you head north), pay the fee, leash the dogs and walk south along the beach to the houses where no leashes are required and let them loose.

Water Sports

At the house you’re welcome to use a canoe, 2 kayaks

For the canoe and kayaks the paddles and life jackets are in the storage shed. Launch at the community dock at the end of Apple Court. To launch a boat you can use the Indian River Marina –call 302 227-3071 for additional information. It is just a few minutes by water from our dock.

You are also welcome to use the crab pot located behind the storage shed. Place it in the water at the community dock (use dock key to get out to deeper water).

Land Sports

Tennis at the community tennis court. There’s a sign up board at the court gate. The Tennis court is located behind the dog walk area near the mail boxes.


Take a nice walk through the woods to the bay beach at James Farm Park (you passed it on the left coming to the beach house). Good dog park - though stay out of the grass where the deer ticks wait.

Beach stuff

There are lots of beach chairs in the storage shed to take to the beach as well as sand toys and boogie boards. We “beach” at the state parks for $5/day or go into Bethany and find a parking meter. They are located in the carport behind the first door on the right opposite the shower, key behind the entry way door.


A couple of good restaurants in Bethany Beach are Sedona’s ($$$$) The Kingston Grill (they take reservations) and Blue Coast (no reservations), Fat Tuna, DeFibos. Big Fish Grill, near our house, has opened and the pub food is good. Also Oak Arbor is terrific, too. Groceries G&E is a surprisingly well equipped grocery store with a terrific meat dept. and the adjacent hardware store is well stocked. Both on Cedar Neck Road, less than one mile. The Giant Foods (has a Starbucks inside) and Food Lion are approximately 4 miles further …turn right onto 26… The cooler on the porch is for your use to stock with ice and whatever.

High Speed Internet Access Instructions

Locate the access point on your computer by searching for available wireless networks; it is named “beachhouse” or “Linksys” SSID: Connect to the “beachhouse” or “Linksys” access point WEP KEY: summertime

You should now be connected to the internet This network is wireless G or N, 54 to 300 mbps.

Our Promise

House Instructions

Come and relax at the beach in our quite bay front community, minutes from the beach.

Walters Beach House