Walters Beach House



Summer Rates are (July) $1800.00 for a week (Aug-Sept) $1900.00 a week (Sun-Sun). $100.00 extra will apply for holiday week/weekends.

There is a cleaning fee of $165.00. If applicable, a pet deposit of $250.00 will apply, $100.00 of the pet deposit is refundable upon inspection of the property. Security Deposit is 50% of the rental rate, due within 30 days to hold dates requested.

Fall, Winter & Spring Rates(Nov-April) are $500 a weekend. (Friday-Sunday)

Spring Rates (May) $1600.00 a week - $500.00 weekend

Spring Rates (June) $1700.00 a week. $100.00 extra will apply for holiday weekends.

There is a cleaning fee of $165.00 If applicable, a pet deposit of $250.00 will apply, $100.00 of the pet deposit is refundable upon inspection of the property. Security Deposit is 50% of the rental rate, due within 5 days to hold dates request

Terms & Conditions

Fall & Winter Rates (Oct-April) are $500.00 a weekend. (Friday-Sunday)

There is a cleaning fee of $165.00 $100.00 additional will apply for holiday week/weekends. If applicable, a pet deposit of $250.00 will apply, $100.00 of the pet deposit is refundable upon inspection of the property. Security Deposit is 50% of the rental rate, due within 5 days to hold dates requested.


Spring Rates May - June === (May) $1600.00 a week - $500.00 weekend Spring Rates (June) $1700.00 a week. $100.00 additional will apply for holiday week/weekends. There is a cleaning fee of $165.00 If applicable, a pet deposit of $250.00 will apply, $100.00 of the pet deposit is refundable upon inspection of the property. Security Deposit is 50% of the rental rate, due within 5 days to hold dates requested.


Summer rates July - Sept ===(July) $1800.00 for a week (Aug-Sept) are $1900.00 a week (Sun-Sun). $100.00 additional will apply for holiday week/weekends. There is a cleaning fee of $165.00 If applicable, a pet deposit of $250.00 will apply, $100.00 of the pet deposit is refundable upon inspection of the property. Security Deposit is 50% of the rental rate, due within 5 days to hold dates requested.


Total amount owed: (Example of winter weekend rate)

$ 500 .00-----Your rate + holiday if applicable (spring, summer, winter or fall) see above

$ 165 .00-----Cleaning fee of $165.00

$ 250 .00*----Security Deposit to hold your dates (50% of the rental rate on line one)

$ 000 .00*----Pet Deposit if applicable ($250.00) see above


$ 915.00------Total Due


$ 250.00------Total Due within five days of signed contract, to hold dates and reservation

$ 665.00------Due 30 days before occupancy

*Returned to you once we have inspected the property.

An example of the lease agreement is available for review below...

DELAWARE RESIDENTIAL OCCUPANY LICENSE 38824 Bayberry Court, Ocean View, DE (602 Bayberry Court – former address)

Welcome to our home in Beautiful Bethany Beach Area. We hope you enjoy our house as much as we do. Your Occupancy License is below, If you have any questions please feel free to email us at or by phone 703-505-6358. Once signed, Fax back to 703-904-8113. Your date(s) will not be guaranteed until your security deposit and/or pet deposit has been received. You can deposit your security/rent to any Wells Fargo bank, to account # 1010012441235 or by mailing your deposit to Terry Walters 1619 Winterwood Place, Herndon VA 20170.

Keep this with you when you arrive at the beach. Your payment request agreed to as follows: Arrival Date 7/8/2014 Departure Date 7/15/2014 $1,800.00 Rent

$165.00 Cleaning Fee

$800.00 Security Deposit (Returned when the cleaning company inspects the house)

$250.00 Pet Deposit ($100.00 refundable $150.00 non-refundable)

$3,015.00 Total Charges

$905.00 Due with signed lease w/in FIVE DAYS after receipt of contract

$2,115.00 Due 30 days before occupancy Note: No refund of security deposit if cancellation within 30 days of rental. Check in time: 3 P.M. Check out time: 11:00 A.M. Late check out is daily rate ($150.00) This is a Delaware Occupancy License between Steven, Charles and Theresa Walters, (“Landlord”) and _____________________________(“Tenant”) of_______________________________________________. Steven, Charles and Theresa are the legal owners of a residential home located at 38824 Bayberry Court, Ocean View, Delaware 19970, in the Quillen’s Point Subdivision of Sussex County, Delaware.

1. The undersigned Landlord licenses to the undersigned Tenant and Tenant hereby accepts from Landlord the above described property to be used solely as a private dwelling. YOUR SIGNATURE OF THIS AGREEMENT, PAYMENT OF MONEY, OR TAKING POSSESSION OF THE PROPERTY IS EVIDENCE OF YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE AGREEMENT AND YOUR INTENT TO USE THIS PROPERY FOR A VACATION RENTAL.

2. This agreement shall not be deemed to have been accepted by Owner until it has been executed by Tenant and returned to and executed by Landlord. THIS AGREEMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY TENANT AND RETURNED TO LANDLORD WITHIN 10 DAYS HEREOF, otherwise Landlord shall return to Tenant his deposit and /or license the property to others without further liability to Tenant.

3. It is agreed that Landlord, his contractor or employees, may enter the premises After 11:00 A.M on the date this license terminates for the purpose of clean up and repair and may remain on the premises till 8:00 P.M. if necessary. Tenant agrees to surrender possession of the property hereby licensed at the expiration of this license, peaceably and without delay, in as good condition as it was at the commencement of this license, reasonable wear and tear, act of God/or other causes over which Tenant has not control excepted. Tenant is responsible for any damage inflicted on property during his stay whether made by himself, his family or guests.

4. The full amount of the rent and all fees and taxes thereon shall be due 30 days prior to check in. If the reservation is made within 30 days of check in, the amount due immediately will be the full amount as set forth above. Landlord shall have the power to declare the termination of this license and the forfeiture of all payments made hereunder if the rent is not paid when it is due or if the Tenant gives Landlord any check, draft, or money order for any payment which is not immediately collectible upon presentment. If any balance is left unpaid until check in, an additional $20.00 late payment fee is due. ANY PAYMENTS MADE WITHIN 30 DAYS OF CHECK IN are to be in guaranteed funds i.e. cash, certified check or travelers check of a widely Accepted issuer. Tenant’s personal check is not acceptable unless certified.

5. Tenant agrees that this license may not be assigned or the property sublet, except through the Landlord, for which Tenant will pay a 15 percent (15%) commission for said sublicensing and any cost of cleaning. If the Landlord cannot be paid in full by rental received from the sublicense, the Tenant will add such funds as are required to make full payment to Landlord. NOTE: 15% of the total rental amount will be charged for cancellations if the unit is re-rented. If the unit cannot be re-rented the full deposit will be forfeited and remaining balance due Landlord immediately. Any balance due that is not paid within 15 days will accrued simple interest at 10% until paid in full.

6. STATES OF EMERGENCY/HURRICANES. If state or local authorities order a mandatory Evacuation of an area that includes the subject property, the tenant will comply with the order. The Tenant will not be entitled to any refund if the Tenant has not purchased trip interruption Insurance offered through his/her carrier.

7. If Tenant has not inspected the premises, he waives the right to withhold rent for any alleged deficiency in the premises or to otherwise claim that the property has been misrepresented to him by the Landlord. The assumption of occupancy by the Tenant shall be conclusive evidence that the premises are in good or satisfactory condition at such time.

8. If, during the term of the license, the building is damaged by fire or other casualty, without faults or negligence of the Tenant and that it is rendered wholly unfit for occupancy, this License shall terminate as of the date of such damage and the Tenant shall pay the rent apportioned to the time of the damage and surrender the property to the Landlord.

9. It is mutually agreed that if, during the term of this License, a mechanical failure occurs to the fixtures or appliances in the licensed premises, without fault or negligence of the Tenant, the Landlord will act promptly to have any malfunction corrected. In any event, inability to have an item corrected will not constitute a constructive eviction. NO refunds will be made for any reason.

10. Tenant acknowledges that there is no phone service in the premises and that the use of a cellular phone is necessary in the event of an emergency.

11. Tenant agrees that the premises are in good sound and reliable condition and that if he is not personally acquainted with the condition of the premises that he will immediately make an inspection thereof to determine any defects or conditions that may result in injury to him or his family or guests and that he will indemnify landlord for any injuries, accidental or otherwise, that may be incurred or suffered by anyone upon the premise for any cause whatsoever during the term of this contract.

12. Tenant agrees to save and keep Landlord free and harmless from any liability occasioned from damage, loss, personal injury or expense arising out of or in connection with use of the licensed property. Tenant is responsible for all legal fees and attorney fees incurred by enforcement of this contract.

13. If, in the Landlord’s sole discretion, the Tenant becomes objectionable to the neighbors of the property, the Tenant agrees to remove himself and his effects from the premises at the request of the Landlord. If Tenant fails to vacate the premises upon Landlord’s request, then he agrees to be liable for all damages for the holding over in violation of this provision of the License without regard to the issue of whether or not Landlord made the request for eviction for good cause. In such event, Landlord will attempt to sub-let the premises, if possible, and refund that portion of the rent paid which makes total rents received equal to original total, plus the commission to the Landlord for sublicensing, plus costs of repairs and cleaning, if necessary in the judgment of the Landlord.

14. In the event that the Rental Period has terminated or there is a breach of any term or constitution of this license, Landlord shall have the power and authority to enter onto and repossess the Property and remove there from the Tenant, or such other persons who are on or using the Property with Tenant’s permission, and the goods, belongings and chattels of Tenant and such other persons, without liability for such entry, repossession and removal, and to hold the Property as if this license had not been made, except that all amounts paid to the Landlord hereunder shall be deemed to have been forfeited.

15. The Property shall not be furnished with linens, towels, blankets, radios, clocks, or maids or cleaning service. When a television, VCR, DVD, ice maker and/or hot tub is provided ….it is a courtesy of the owner and such items cannot be guaranteed to work and will not be repaired or replaced during this license period. No refunds will be issued for any reason. In the event of malfunction, rentals for such items are available at tenant’s expense.

16. NO PETS of any kind shall be kept or harbored in the demised premises without the prior written consent of the Landlord. If this covenant is violated it shall be grounds FOR IMMEDIATE EVICTION of Tenant who will forfeit any rent paid to date of eviction as liquidated damages for breach of this contract.

17. Landlord shall have the right to reasonably inspect and make repair to the Property and to the fixtures, appliances, furnishings, facilities and features thereof during the Rental Period.

18. The Landlord shall be permitted to enter the Property during reasonable hours to make repairs or show unit to prospective buyers if property is offered for sale.

19. The Landlord reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time prior to tenant taking occupancy of the property. If this event should occur, Landlord will refund deposit made by tenant.

20. In the event that the Landlord, by negligence or oversight of it or its employees, causes the Property to be rented for the Rental Period of this license by one or more other licenses, Tenant under this license shall be entitled to the rental only if: (1) Tenant is placed in occupancy of the Property of the Landlord before the parties to any other license; or (2) assuming no other person has been placed in occupancy of the Property of the Landlord, this license became binding on the parties hereto at a time earlier than any other license became binding on the parties thereto. Should Tenant not be entitled to the rental of the Property as provided herein and should the Landlord not be able after reasonable effort to relocate Tenant to a reasonably comparable property, Tenant shall be entitled to payment by Landlord of the rental amount herein, it being difficult or impossible to determine actual damages in the event.

21. The validity and construction of this license and all questions arising hereunder or relating to the performance hereof shall be determined and governed by the law of the State of Delaware, BECAUSE THIS LICENSE IF FOR A PERIOD OF LESS THAN 120 DAYS, IT IS NOT SUBJECT TO THE DELWARD LANDORD TENANT CODE.

22. There will be a non-refundable processing fee charged on all rentals if a background and/or credit check is necessary and shall become part of the total amount due the Landlord.

23. ATTORNEYS’ FEES AND COSTS. Landlord is hereby given a right to recover from Tenant all attorneys’ fees and costs related to Agent’s successful prosecution or defense of any action brought by or against Tenant in any legal proceeding or action related to this license. NOTICE: This is a legally binding contract. If not understood, seek competent advice. This license is executed under authority granted by agreement between Landlord and Tenant is subject to the terms and conditions of said agreement.

24. It is further agreed and understood that pets are not allowed – (unless approved in advance with the Landlord and a pet deposit of $250.00 has been received in advance) - in or on the leased premises and any violation of this covenant will be considered a breach of this agreement and all security monies shall be automatically forfeited.


26. Tenant and guest are permitted up to five (5) motor vehicles to be parked on site. No vehicles are permitted to be parked on Bayberry Court. Any vehicle towed on Bayberry Court will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

27. Loss of key or lock out fee is $45.00. Security deposit will be refunded within two weeks after satisfactory inspection by Landlord.

28. If you are having a problem with the property please call Steven Walters @ 571-235-7149 By signing, both parties agree to the items 1-27 stated above and have read and understand them. Tenant has read and signed the watercraft release, hot tub release and is aware of the pet deposit if applicable. ___________________________________ ________________________ Tenant Date ____________________________________ __________________________ Landlord Date All occupants must sign the waivers on page 4 of this document. If not, tenant or guests that have not signed the waiver are not permitted to use any watercraft or hot tub. ALL TENANTS MUST BRING THEIR OWN LINENS (1 King, 3 QUEENS, 2 Doubles, 2 SINGLES), Pillow Covers (2 per bed) TOWELS AND A CELL PHONE. THESE ARE NOT PROVIDED. THE PHONE AT THE HOUSE IS INSTALLED BUT IS NOT IN SERVICE. NO SMOKING IN THE HOUSE AT ANY TIME!! FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN THE LOSS OF YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT!!!

If you would like to fill out the information (optional) below, we will notify you of special deals during the off season and allow you to receive early notice of next years rental dates for the summer. Name_____________________________________ Address___________________________________ City______________________________________ State___________________ZIP __________________ EMAIL ___________________________________ Phone #__________________________________

PET DEPOSIT TENANT:__________________________________ RENTAL DATES:_________________ The above named Tenant(s) agree to pay a pet deposit in the amount of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00). One hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) of that amount will be forfeitable for extermination fees and one hundred dollars ($100.00) will be refunded to Tenant(s) if no damage is incurred by the pet during the above mentioned rental period. NOTE: Continual barking dogs are considered a nuisance by the rules of the Quillen’s Point Homeowners Association and may subject Tenant to fines and/or eviction.

WATER CRAFT RELEASE TENANT : _______________________________ RENTAL DATES: _____________________ The above named Tenant(s) and their guests agree to take full responsibility for utilization of Landlord’s water craft (one canoe and two kayaks) during their rental period – responsibility for actions of, or harm to, anyone who uses the water craft during their tenancy and damages to same. No liability for health or safety will be assumed by the Landlord. Tenant(s) shall be responsible for the safe removal and return (after each use) of said water craft from premises.

HOT TUB RELEASE TENANT: ____________________________________ RENTAL DATES:_____________________ The above named Tenant(s) agree to take full responsibility for themself and guests for the utilization for the Hot Tub located on premises during their rental period. – Responsibility for actions of, or harm to, anyone who utilized the Hot Tub and damages to same. No liability for health or safety will be assumed by Landlord. Signed this _______day of _______________, 20_________ TENANT:____________________________________________

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